Why some contacts have profile images and others don't

So I just spent the last 1.5 hours working with Keap support to find out why some of the contacts have a profile image and some do not. Right now there is no way to add a photo to a contact in the web app or iPhone app. What we learned after the tech agent talked with one of the developers, is that currently, the only way to have a profile image in a contact is for them to have a gravatar account. https://en.gravatar.com/

This is cool and disappointing as well. Cool is that when I created an account on Gravatar, Keap had updated my photo instantly! The downside is that I know people’s faces and can know what we talked about. But if I am just looking at a name I have to read through the note to make sure I am thinking of the right person.

Disappointing is that there is no way to upload a photo to a contact in keap. I hope that they add the ability to a photo to a contact soon!

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Just Updated my user profile on here and in the forum it gives 3 options. letter, gravatar, or upload. This is what i would want on Keap!