Forward or copy information to a custom fields

(Mark Ian Saclot) #1


can you help me about creating an API to forward an information to a custom fields.
We want to create a Fullfillment that have it in our own order and titles inside the .csv file. So i think the best way is to forward an information to custom fields.

for example. I want to forward or copy
ContactId to _ReferenceNumber
First Name to _Shiptoname


(John Borelli) #2


I’m uncertain of the scope of what you are asking is here. It’s a big subject to teach someone to program using the api as a general topic. As to specifically writing to a custom field you can find documentation here:

That describes writing to the DataFormField table (which is where your custom field rows reside), and go here:

to see specifics on the table itself.

(Mark Ian Saclot) #3

thanks @John_Borelli , Yes I understand… I am not a coder… but i am an IT person. I can code basic html and css. So i think i can learn how to code the API thing just todo basic.

thanks again for the reply

(Monica Burden: The API Guys) #4

If you don’t want to do the coding yourself, you can do this with our AnyText plugin: