Can't see contacts in report mode in campaign builder

(Wayne Manning) #1

When looking at a campaign in “reporting” mode, I can see the number of contacts in a given sequence, but I cannot see the list… the little icon in the upper right corner of the sequence box is missing.

This occurs in both Chrome and Firefox. Cleared cache and cookies; no joy. It is apparently something on my end; tech support cannot duplicate it looking at the same campaign.

Need a miracle here…

(Casey Page) #2

I had some funky issue where a section of infusionsoft was not appearing. I used an ‘incognito tab’ and that worked. I’m not sure if that would help you too.

(Wayne Manning) #3

Thank you, Casey. I can see the contacts now; I think the wizards in the back room may have tweaked something.

I made a note about the incognito window for future use… thanks!

Wayne Manning, PCC
Director of Academic Development
Academy for Coaching Excellence

(Matthew Burgess) #4

This bug still exists. And using incognito mode is not a reasonable fix. This has been going on for at least 6 months for me. Is there a fix on the way? Is the cause known?


(James Mefford) #5

Hi Matthew, I believe I am aware of what you are talking about. Is the computer you experience this on a touchscreen? I know that we have been working to gather some very specific data for our development team, but there are a couple workarounds that I can share.

One is to disable the touch features in your windows settings

I did also see that one of our users posted some browser specific ways to get around this, which you can read about here,

As I said, I know we have been working with our development team to try to accommodate to this, but there have been some hurdles we have had to jump, but I wanted to share these things with you, for the time being.

(Tiffany Merriman) #7

I’m still having this issue as well. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it definitely is today. Refreshed browser, went Incognito, cleared cache-nothing helps. I’m using a Macbook Pro running the latest software (Version 10.13.2) High Sierra.

(Quoc Nguyen) #8

Today I also faced this issue, even I still see the small icon but when i clicked on that, nothing happens.

(Nidahas trop) #9

Hi James, You mentioned here to disable touch screen of windows 10. This is what i wanted for long time and i read a post at
It says that i can disable touch screen by device manager. Is it possible? If yes then can you please elaborate the steps to me?