Can I get shipping addresses in an e-commerce report?


(Sharon Hines) #1

Now that we’re collecting sales tax, I need to do a report showing tax collected. Using the All Sales (Itemized) Report, I can only export the billing address, not the shipping address. Since sales tax must be paid according the shipping address, is there a workaround to let me see that?

(Sharon Hines) #2

Just talked to Infusionsoft support. Seems I have to run an All Sales Report and compare to get both shipping address and tax info. I requested new functionality to let us see this in one report. Also, I asked that we be able to pick a subset of states for the report. My company only collects tax in states where our sales exceed their threshold. I want to be able to run one report for just those 6 states. Right now, I’d have to run one report for one state, or export 50 states and filter in Excel.

(Julia Harold) #4

I feel your pain, Sharon. I spend a lot of time using vlookup to combine data because InfusionSoft decided, for some inexplicable reason, to not let me export relevant data in the reports I use.