API Feature request?

(Mihir Dhandha) #1

Is it possible to make feature request for API?

It would be nice to have bulk update function, where we can pass array for each “Id” in an array, to update all of those in bulk. That would save some api calls for many developers I believe.

1=>array(‘FirstName’=>… , ‘LastName’=>…),
2=>array(‘FirstName’=>… , ‘LastName’=>…)

A similar bulk call for group Assign would be very useful too.

(Jon Smith) #2

Thanks @Mihir_Dhandha for the feedback. It has been passed onto our product development team as valuable feedback.

(Jon Smith) #3

Good news part of this has been implemented and is documented here: https://developer.infusionsoft.com/docs/rest/#!/Contact/applyTagsToContactIdUsingPOST
Up to 100 tags can be applied to a single contact in one API call instead of using 100 separate API calls.

(Kevin C Gall) #4

Is there any update on the full feature? Tagging in bulk is fine, but I need to Create / Update contacts in bulk via a batch process.

(Tom Scott) #5

@Kevin_C_Gall, the primary use-case we saw when implementing this feature was attempts to target many contacts’ tag list at once; could you explain your own use-case a bit further, so we can take a look at it as well?

(Kevin C Gall) #6

I have a nightly batch of contacts that are identified in my CRM as needing to be sent to Infusionsoft. Some of them may already be contacts that I can manipulate tags on, but some of them will not, and I need to be able to add them as contacts in infusionsoft.
It is impractical at this time for me to develop a comprehensive integration with IS that imports contacts as they are created. Therefore, I need to be able to add them during my nightly batch.

I also cannot send hundreds of sequential REST callouts for practical reasons. (I think those APIs would get throttled by your system, anyway.) Basically, I would like a way to do it directly with IS APIs and not using an intermediary process or application that has to translate my batch of contacts into the necessary API calls over the necessary period of time.