API Feature request?

(Mihir Dhandha) #1

Is it possible to make feature request for API?

It would be nice to have bulk update function, where we can pass array for each “Id” in an array, to update all of those in bulk. That would save some api calls for many developers I believe.

1=>array(‘FirstName’=>… , ‘LastName’=>…),
2=>array(‘FirstName’=>… , ‘LastName’=>…)

A similar bulk call for group Assign would be very useful too.

(Jon Smith) #2

Thanks @Mihir_Dhandha for the feedback. It has been passed onto our product development team as valuable feedback.

(Jon Smith) #3

Good news part of this has been implemented and is documented here: https://developer.infusionsoft.com/docs/rest/#!/Contact/applyTagsToContactIdUsingPOST
Up to 100 tags can be applied to a single contact in one API call instead of using 100 separate API calls.