WordPress Plug-in Issues


(Lauren Bostrom) #1

I just installed the Infusionsoft plug-in for WordPress and I’m encountering an issue once I make the opt-in forms live. They look great in the preview when I’m building the form but then when I make it live, the Title, Description and Images don’t show. Any ideas what’s up?

(John Borelli) #3

What WP theme are you using?

(Lauren Bostrom) #4

The Divi theme but it’s slightly customized.

(John Borelli) #5

My thought is that the theme settings might be interfering with “normal operation”

(Lauren Bostrom) #6

That was my worry. Any idea where I should look in the Theme settings?

(John Borelli) #7

I personally haven’t used Divi but I would guess that the theme settings (possibly header settings) would be where to start.