Who is maintaining the PHP-SDK repository?

Is anyone maintaining the infusionsoft php-sdk repo on GitHub? https://github.com/infusionsoft/infusionsoft-php

If no one is, I would be willing to do so?

There has been no changes committed to the repo since April 2019 which is when M Fairchild left infusionsoft, I believe. There are a number of open merge requests that would provide value to the entire community.

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Internally we don’t have any engineers on this anymore. Let me ask around about having outside committers help maintain it. I think it is a good idea.


@bradb just wanted to follow up on this to see of you had an update. Thanks :slight_smile:

I brought up the topic in our last planning and we are going to try and get this figured out soon. I am trying to at least get one of our guys help merge those PRs. We are open to having some key people in the community help maintain the project.

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