Which webinar platforms does Infusion Soft work best with?


(Bob Reed) #1

Which webinar platforms does Infusion Soft work best with?

(James Mefford) #2

I would really like to hear what the rest of the community has to say, as I know a number of our users host webinars and have integrations, but I will share 2 of the big ones I heard when I worked on the Tech Support floor.

GoTo Webinar & Webinar Jam.

(John Borelli) #3

As @James_Mefford says, both goto and webinar jam have been very popular but I’ve also seen many integration questions regarding both as well. Particularly in the area of customizing the webinar to offer links to offers or passing forward information regarding the status of a user watching (ie when did the join in or did they finish the webinar)

(Bob Reed) #4

James, thanks for your input. We started using Infusion Soft a few month back and then conducted a webinar with another company that was using ReadyTalk. We discovered many challenges. We now want to conduct our own webinars but want to be sure it can integrate well with IS.

(Bob Reed) #5

John, Thanks for your input too.

(Ivise Gan) #6

We’ve been using Easy Webinar for years now. Integration had been pretty seamless and there have a few cool functions too. Only issue is the template looks a bit clunky but if you are good with CSS, that can easily be solved.

(Cheryl Hunt) #7

A lot of people are moving to Zoom. PlusThis has a feature that integrates it with Infusionsoft.