When will the Contact social fields be opened up to API? (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

(Jordan Novak) #1

The Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn fields were added to the Contact record a long time ago (over a year, I think). They are still not available via API, and I have a client who wants to get data from a SurveyGizmo survey into one of those fields. When can we expect these fields to become available in the legacy API and the REST API?

(John Borelli) #2


Take a look at the SocialAccount table. We’ve successfully used it to update social media links on contacts.

(Jon Smith) #3

Hi Jordan,

SocialAccounts table is accessible through the API. We added it three months after the Social Accounts were released officially. Things to remember when using the DataService to access this table:

  • One Contact should only have one AccountType (If two twitter records are created for the same contact id then it will appear on some searches/reports multiple times)
  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the only ones that are currently available

(Jordan Novak) #4

Thanks for the detailed responses - I totally missed when this table was opened up. I wonder what other little gems have gone out without my noticing…