What information is sent by the invoice.payment.add webhook?

(Steve Johnson) #1

I can’t seem to find this information anywhere …

Can someone show me an example of what gets sent on an invoice.payment.add event?

I suppose I could create and pay an invoice but that seems a silly way to find out what info I have to work with.

(Tom Scott) #2

Resthook payloads are an object containing a list of ids for the records changed by the registered action…

(Page Designer) #3

you can find details of rest hooks at https://developer.infusionsoft.com/rest-hook-documentation/ here is the sample JSON payload of invoice.payment.add

    "id": 37372306,
    "test": false,
    "amount": 39.97,
    "currency": null,
    "gateway": "MANUAL",
    "type": "CAPTURE",
    "status": "Successful Transaction",
    "errors": null,
    "orders": [
            "id": 1162492,
            "title": "NMI_VKB_VKB3.0CF Order",
            "status": "PAID",
            "recurring": null,
            "total": 39.97,
            "contact": {
                "id": 1633504,
                "email": "test@gmail.com",
                "first_name": "TEST",
                "last_name": "TEST",
                "company_name": "",
                "job_title": null
            "creation_date": "2018-08-23T00:26:45.000Z",
            "modification_date": "2018-08-23T00:26:49.000Z",
            "order_date": "2018-08-23T00:26:45.000Z",
            "lead_affiliate_id": 0,
            "sales_affiliate_id": 0,
            "total_paid": 39.97,
            "total_due": 39.97,
            "shipping_information": {
                "id": 1089610,
                "first_name": "TEST",
                "middle_name": null,
                "last_name": "TEST",
                "company": "",
                "phone": "(208) 111-111",
                "street1": "111 ABC BEF N",
                "street2": "",
                "city": "TEST",
                "state": "ID",
                "zip": "123456",
                "country": "United States"
            "refund_total": 0,
            "order_items": [
                    "id": 1315706,
                    "name": "Renegade Gear SSD-100 Knife Belt & FREE Bonuses 3.0",
                    "description": "Renegade Gear SSD-100 Knife Belt & FREE Bonuses 3.0",
                    "type": "Product",
                    "notes": "VKB3.0",
                    "quantity": 1,
                    "cost": 0,
                    "price": 39.97,
                    "discount": null,
                    "product": {
                        "id": 202,
                        "name": "Renegade Gear SSD-100 Knife Belt & FREE Bonuses 3.0",
                        "sku": "VKB3.0",
                        "description": "Change the item quantities to see your bulk discounts!",
                        "shippable": true,
                        "taxable": false
    "contact_id": 1633504,
    "transaction_date": "2018-08-22T20:26:47.000-04:00",
    "gateway_account_name": null,
    "order_ids": "1162492",
    "collection_method": "MANUAL",
    "payment_id": 1003844