What are the parameters which are sent to Salesforce

(MOD IT) #1

What are the parameters which are sent to Salesforce when a signup page is set with Credit count?

(John Borelli) #2


That being a Salesforce question, you will need to start with asking them what there requirements are such as names of parameters and types of data. Having that, you can then come to the Infusionsoft forum to specifically ask what in Infusionsoft would match those criteria.

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Thanks John, i’ll check with them.
In line with this , we are interested to know if we can have user define invoice # set for the payment pages we set in infusionsoft?

(John Borelli) #4

The invoice id’s can’t be set as they are auto generated by Infusionsoft but you can have a custom field that stores custom invoice numbers (call them transaction numbers or something similar)

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Can you help me with instructions or any wiki link that i can follow and set it up?

(John Borelli) #6

I won’t know details about Salesforce but to setup custom fields in IS you can find videos, blogs and articles on: