Viewing other users' draft emails

Is there a way to see the draft emails created by other users in the system? They seem to be exclusive to each user account, which prevents us from collaborating on emails.


Currently, ‘Drafts’ are by user. If the user happens to click Save as Template on their draft, other users would be able to view it in the ‘Templates’ section of the builder.

@Laura_Allured, another idea is to have a campaign serve as sort of staging area and keep email templates there for multiple users to work on and when ready, save it to the Templates.


Yes. I agree with @Cheryl_Hunt. If you are looking to collaborate with another user on an email, sometimes a staging campaign is a really good way to go. once you are done, you will even be able to save the email as a template, that could be sent out as an Email Broadcast if you want!

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Okay, thanks for the tips to get around the fact that we can’t share drafts between users! I’ll create a campaign that we can re-use as our email collaboration area.

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I did approach one of our developers to give the feedback for sharable drafts in the future, as I can totally see this being beneficial for collaboration from the broadcaster. We are continuing to add ease of use features and I can see how this would be a good idea.


I was about to ask this very question when I saw this thread. I see that this was back in October last year.

Is there any update on when sharing of email drafts between users will become available? It would be a massive help for us.

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I don’t see where it is discussed that this was being added as an option … not that they won’t but that wasn’t stated. So if you would like this to be an option for future development, you can submit requests for features at


Any update on this? I cannot get the emails to even print out well, so it’s making it difficult to get them approved.

This feature hasn’t been updated in 2 years, any idea if this is in the works?

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Drafting email broadcast templates in the campaign builder works, but with one caveat. Only one user can access a campaign at a time. Keeping this organized by, for example, having all users operate in a single campaign but by separating strategies, projects, etc by sequence, might make issues with users wanting to work on different emails at the same time. Instead, users will have to work on concurrently running email projects in their separate campaigns, then reviewers will have to be informed of the details of where to find it, instead of having a central location. This kind of workflow might be improved by having reviewers do their work in the email templates section, where they can delete the ones that need more changes but keeping the ones that work. Neither workflow is ideal, creating a sort of silo, but it works.

Ideal would be a nearly complete reworking of the current email/broadcasts editor, with a focus on collaboration and organization of different strategies. As it is now, it’s like a single junk drawer at the office, and everyone just throws their stuff on the top. There doesn’t appear to be any organizing tools in the email broadcasts, aside from drafts and templates tabs.

This is still not available?!? It should be an easy enhancement to the platform to have one user save a draft and another user open it to proof it without having to start it in a campaign and then save it as a template. Please, add this feature to view drafts by other account users.