Validate a promo code by email or tag


(Mike Fleming) #1

Can this be accomplished with the API?

I want to give some of my members a special event discount. We’re using an IS order form. However, can I validate a promo code based on the email address or tag and display an “error” if someone (who is not a member) tries to check out using the promo code?

(Mike Fleming) #2

maybe I can create a self hosted order form and do all that functionality via the API. when an order form is submitted…first validate that an email has a certain tag…then either process the order or kick back an error message “you are not authorized”. would that work?

(Mike Christianson) #3

You would definitely be able to check the tags of a Contact and do some logic from that. For the larger picture of how you could leverage discounts, I’ll have to defer to my colleagues.

(John Borelli) #4

With something like memberium or gravity forms or another api integrated solution, someone could enter their promo code and a tag would get raised allowing access, sale or discount or triggering a special email or something of the sort. With memberium that would be very simple but I’m sure some of the other options would be equally as easy to accomplish the same thing with.