Using Custom Date Field to Kick off Campaign Sequence


(Joanna_3B) #1

We have a web form that asks client to enter their voucher expiration date. This populates a custom field within their contact record with the date a purchase they made from an external vendor expires. I would like to automate my campaign so that once this date has passed an email sequence is triggered. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

(Martin Cash) #2

Hi, @Joanna_3B. Just start a new “line item” to the sequence that goes to a field timer. Drag a new start icon, then a field timer, then configure the field timer, then the email. It would look like this:


(Joanna_3B) #3

Oh man, you ever have those days where you are in campaign builder for 8908390274983 hours and the most SIMPLE solution doesn’t even cross your mind? Yeah, me either.


(Martin Cash) #4

No problem! It’s definitely not a very intuitive solution, so don’t be too hard on yourself :blush: