Upselling a Customer based on Certain Tags in their Record


(Michael Dickow) #1

I have a client who is selling a Quick Start toolkit as supplement to a book he just wrote. I have created a landing page in the back of the book for someone to go an order this toolkit. Since there are different prices for those who own the book(would have a book purchase tag) and those who don’t, what would be the best way to set up my landing page(or order form) so that I can offer a book/toolkit combo upsell for those who don’t own the book(wouldn’t have the book purchase tag). Thanks for any help you all could give me.

(Martin Cash) #2

Hi, Micahel. Not sure how your process is set up, but can you just drive those that don’t have the book to a separate order form? I’m guessing you don’t just want to offer the book as an optional discounted upsell on the toolkit order form to avoid ticking-off those that already bought the book at full price. You could also send the non-book owners a promo code that adds the book upsell at a discounted price on the order form.