To get Custom Fields created for Contact & also get tags


Hello Sir,
I want to know that which service I’ll use to get the Custom Fields for contacts & also for tags too.
And please provide the code snippet or just demo code with real data with the request API.

(John Borelli) #2


The IS API documentation covers using the data service and provides table schema for the information you are looking for. You can find api reference and examples here:

and reference to the tables you need (ContactGroup for tags and DataFormField for custom fields) here:

(Pav) #3

The “DataFormField” API table contains a list of the Custom Fields. To get a list of the Contact Custom Fields you need to search the “FormId” with the “-1” value.

As for the Tags, to get a list you need the “ContactGroup” table. For the list of assigned Tags to Contacts, you need the “ContactGroupAssign” table.