Thank you page

(Cappy Rismay) #1

The thank you page for the landing page doesn’t work…lately it’s a lot of things not working.

(Logan Genduso) #2

Yeah, I was noticing that too. They’ve changed how the thank you page works. When you open the landing page editor (which is now called “Site Builder”) on the left column on the bottom it should say “Manage Pages.” You can build a Thank-You page on there.

Then, on the original landing page, there is a “redirect” dropdown menu that allows you to select that new page as a thank you page, or an external URL.

(Nicholas Owings) #3

@Logan_G where do you see the “redirect” dropdown menu on the original page?

(Logan Genduso) #4

The “redirect” dropdown looks like its only available when you have a form or button on the landing page. When you have the form or button selected, it will show up in the right hand column.