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(Amy Vasquez) #1

When we send an individual text message from app is the event stored to contact record?

(Jeff Arnold) #2

@Amy_Vasquez Amy, there is no way to natively text from Infusionsoft, so the answer would be ‘no’. However, you could set up something immediately after the trigger to the text integration that would record a note to the contact record, or append the ‘person notes’ of the record to indicate what was texted to the person, so you would have a record of it.

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(Amy Vasquez) #3

Thanks for your reply Jeff! Your idea sounds great, but sounds way over my head. How would you do that?

(Jeff Arnold) #4

Hi Amy:

I can’t go into all the variables of using a 3rd party for texting, but most of them are triggered via an HTTP post or tag being added. Basically, right after that HTTP post or tag being added, you would just put an ‘apply note’ process behind it and include inside that note the same content as the text being sent.

Like this:

So, for example, if your HTTP post triggered a text message that says “Thanks for entering. We will text you with more exciting offers soon!”, you could go into your ‘apply note’ process and enter the same content that your text had. Like this:

That will create a note on your record like this:

Feel free to ask any further questions.


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