Task Note Report not filtering by "Created By"


(Brett Fairbourn) #1

The Task Note Report seems to be ignoring the filter I’m trying to apply.

(Cheryl Hunt) #2

There’s a known issue right now. See http://knownissues.infusionsoft.com/ (top issue) - it gives a good work-around.

(Brett Fairbourn) #3

Ah! I should have looked there! Thank you!

(James Mefford) #4

Hey Brett, If you visit the known issues page and see something that you are being affected by, I would like to invite you to click the ‘Report this issue for your app’ button. This will create a case and automatically attach it to the issue, so that you can receive any mass updates that we share on the specific issue.

This also helps our development team when we prioritize issues. The more cases attached, higher the priority needle moves.

(Brett Fairbourn) #5

Already did, my friend! Thanks!