Sync my gmail calendar to infusionsoft calendar

having a hard time sync my gmail calendar to infusionsoft.

@Jonathan_Meere, what product are you using to sync your calendar? Are you using the Gmail Sync chrome plugin or the built-in sync in Keap?

Hi Marin,

was sent a link yesterday for Infusionsoft Sync for gmail. Chrome. still not working. how do I access the built in sync in Keap?

Keap is a lighter version of Infusionsoft that has it’s own Gmail sync tool built in.

If you have Infusionsoft, you’ll need to use the Chrome extension for now; however, we will be porting the Keap Gmail integration over to Infusionsoft this year.

So what error are you getting when you try to use it? The plugin isn’t the easiest thing to get set up and working

now I might be technically challenged. not receiving an error. just not working. when I click on the “this can read and change site data” my 3 options are never the same. they change. from 187 infusionsoft, to gmail, to all sites and now it’s reading “when you click the extension” “on all sites” to “on community infusionsoft” just brought up gmail and now it “”. was 187… so it’s not a static enviroment, I get that. just trying to get it to work.