Solution for Easily Tracking Clicks from Infusionsoft Emails in Google Analytics?

Is there any way to integrate Infusionsoft with Google Analytics automatically, without using a special tool to manually add all sorts of parameters to every link included in every email?

Right now, so much traffic to our websites shows the source as a “Referral” from or, rather than coming from an email (or better yet, the original source).

We used to use MailChimp, which automatically tagged all hyperlinks within emails with Google Analytics tags. Is there anything like this available for Infusionsoft? I did a chat, and the support technician informed me that there is not any setting anywhere, but I’m hoping maybe there is some sort of third-party integration which simplifies this process?

Because it is daunting to think that we are going to need to use a URL builder to add parameters to every single link in every single email we ever send through Infusionsoft in order to solve this problem. keeps coming up, but I don’t think it solves this exact problem, does it?

Then there’s the Zapier connection, but I don’t really understand what it could do or if it might help with this issue?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hey Josh! Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am stuck with the same issue myself at the moment. Any insight you have would be so appreciated. I’m still on the hunt so if I find anything I’ll be sure to add it here for future reference. :grinning:

Hi Lindsey,

Unfortunately I never found a solution, and I have not found the discipline to manually embed all my links with GA campaign data.

So yes, thank you for sharing anything you find!

Hi there, I have thoroughly researched this problem for my clients who use Infusionsoft. I wrote an article here - You will need a third-party tool to make this happen as Infusionsoft does not offer a native Google Analytics integration. Also, you will need to use UTM tagging in your URLs. I recommend a super simple tagging strategy for my clients. Source = infusionsoft and Medium = email and Campaign = Name of Newsletter or Name of Campaign. I don’t recommend going any more granular unless you really need to. I setup a spreadsheet for my clients that will build the URL with tagging for them. All you need to do is put a few workflows in place. The payoff is huge when you can actually see what source of inbound traffic is generating the most leads and the most revenue. I don’t see how anybody could run a business using Infusionsoft without this data. It’s like sailing a boat without a compass.