Site unreachable


(Aaryn Longmore) #1


I’m trying to access my account and when I login it’s saying my account is unreachable. How do I get in? This is happening on 2 of my accounts.


(John Borelli) #2

If it’s happening from the same browser/computer then try clearing your internet cache.

(James Mefford) #3

Hi @Aaryn_Longmore Are you still experiencing this? I haven’t seen any other reports of this, and from what I have checked, we seem to be up and running, with no interruptions. If you are still experiencing this, can you PM your application IDs to me?

(Aaryn Longmore) #4

Different browser and different computers

(Jamie Hill) #5

@Aaryn_Longmore I hope that you’re able to get in. I have tested this on my MacBook, Laptop, desktop. I notice that the site is a little slower then normal however I am able to still log in. I did also notice Chat was down, maybe a update that is coming out? Best of luck to you.

(Aaryn Longmore) #6

Nope, it’s not fixed.

It just takes for ever to load and then I see the attached. Please help.

(James Mefford) #7

Hm, there seems to be something on your network blocking the connection. I did some looking to ensure that there was nothing the matter with your application, or the server that it is on, and all checked out. I can see that other users of this application have logged in today, but none for you.

Have you recently updated your network, or implemented any firewall security?