Ship to only 3 countries in shopping cart


(Terri P Williams) #1

We only ship to 3 countries including the USA. Does anyone have a workaround, coding, javascript, to display only the 3 countries we currently ship to? LInk to shopping cart:

(John Borelli) #2

I assume we’re talking about an Infusionsoft order form or shopping cart? Do you have a link? (you know, just to humor me lol)

(Terri P Williams) #3

Hi John,
Of course,

(John Borelli) #4

So there is a way with Javascript to clear the contents of the country drop down and then simply re-add the three you want. I’m off to a meeting but I’ll see how simple I can make it later this evening.

(Terri P Williams) #5

Thanks, John. I don’t expect a freebie - you may charge for this service. Terri

(Terri P Williams) #6

John - the new html works except now there is no choice for united states and no one can order in country.Terri