Server error by using oauth-state for OAuth authorize

(APIR Dativery) #1

Hi, we have problem with OAuth2 specifically with oauth-state

If we call with state object and press allow.
Then we get server error (500) from

Unfortunately we need this information for next redirection in our app :confused:
Can you fix/add support for this feature?


(Bradley Booth) #2

I have duplicated the issue and we are receiving an error from our OAuth provider Mashery. I will dig into today to see what the issue and get back to you.

(Bradley Booth) #4

@APIR_Dativery Super sorry for not getting back to you one this. This has been fixed. Let me know if it is not working for you.

(APIR Dativery) #5

Thank you now it is working.

(The Team) #6

please help we are getting the same issue.

{“error”:“server_error”,“error_uri”:“",“error_description”:"An error occurred”}

@bradb please help.

(Bradley Booth) #7

What is the url you are using?