Safari not displaying JS forms, too many redirects

(Łukasz Jagieła) #1


Recently we started having issues with Infusionsoft forms on Safari browser. In console we can see error:
Failed to load resource: too many HTTP redirects and form does not show up at all. It seems that it’s only Safari issue (11.1.1)

We are using Infusionsoft form within an iframe on a Wordpress (latest) page.

it looks like it’s not only our problem because I found other forms here on this forum that throw exactly the same error:

(Shawn Hardy) #2

I am having the exact same issue, it was not occurring before. It is happening on IOS as well. Does anyone have any insights on this one?

(Martin Cash) #3

This made it to the known issues page today. If you haven’t already, click the button to report it so that you know when it’s fixed.