REST hook not verifying

(Eric Berry) #1

When I attempt to perform a verification of the hook, I never receive a POST from Infusionsoft to verify. I’ve even tried to trigger this manually via the interactive API docs, but it still does not verify. Where can I get help for this?

(Nicholas Trecina) #2

Hi @Eric_Berry, can you post your application name (or DM it to me if you would rather) so I can check the logs to see if there’s anything indicating why you aren’t receiving the verification post?

(Eric Berry) #3

Application name is “skipio”

(Nicholas Trecina) #4

I don’t see an Infusionsoft application with that name. Do you have a specific Infusionsoft account that you’ve been testing with?

(Eric Berry) #5

I replied via message

(Jon Smith) #6

It looks like the issue here is that the SSL certificate being returned to Infusionsoft from the server as the main certificate isn’t yours which is causing a mismatch:

Look at certificate 2 for more information. RESThooks currently don’t support SNI.

(Eric Berry) #7

@JonSmith The callback URL should be, not

Do you still think this is the issue?

(John Borelli) #8


When they ask about your app name they are referring to your infusionsoft app name as in where xxxxx is the app name.

(Eric Berry) #9

Ah. Thank you.

@JonSmith the app name I am referring to in this instance is yi342

(Jon Smith) #10

The application name doesn’t really matter that much as we are talking about SSL connections. Since Infusionsoft is receiving back a certificate for a different domain from the hookUrl this is the cause of the issue.

SNI would connect to the hookURL however we post to that server to initiate a secure connection. The default certificate is what is returned and used. Since the certificate returned to Infusionsoft and the hookURL aren’t the same domain it is seen as a security concern and the POST isn’t made. While we are working on making updates to support SNI it currently isn’t supported so when a connection is initiated the returned certificate for the server needs to be the one for the hookurl.

(Eric Berry) #11