Remove "Neweletter opted-out" tag in sequence for existing re-opted-in contacts

Hi, I want to remove the “newsletter opted-out” tag when a already existing contact, who made an opt-out before, opt-in again by regsiter again to our newsletter - e.g trough a pop up we offer.

I created a campaign sequence and after the contact confirmed the opt-in mail the email status turns into confirmed as expected, but the “Newsletter opted-out” Tag will be not removed. Any Idea why?

Based on what you show here, there is no reason that tag wouldn’t be removed. Can u send screenshots from inside the sequences?

The only reason I can see from what you have here, for that to happen, is because the contact will be trapped or otherwise ‘enqueued’ in the last sequence if they go through it once so that the next time they go through, it won’t run properly. You must have a way for the contact to be “pulled” out of the sequence at the end (normally by applying a tag) otherwise they will stay stuck in that lane for ever.

So the solution woul be to set the “Remove Tag” straight after the confirmation of receiving the newsletter and after that the there should be a “apply Tag” e.g language Tag?

The solution would be to correct the fact that it’s getting stuck in the lane for life.

Hi John,

  • not sure if I get you right - the contacts where the opted-out tag has been not removed are all in the status “Queued”. (see example screenshot)

  • What needs to be done to prevent that the contacts where the opted-out tag should be removed stuck in the lane for live? Can you explain that a bit more detailed?

Thanks for your kind help in advance

Correct, enqueued simply means that the contact never leaves, even after it’s done with everything. You must have a goal (usually a tag goal) outside of the sequence connected to the end of the sequence and then raise that tag to trigger them getting pulled out of it. If you don’t, then the contact will not travel through the sequence the right way the next time it is meant to go through.

Hi John, thank you very much for the detailed advice - it works now! :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Awesome! Glad to help :wink: