PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) and PayFlow Pro

(AJ) #1

I can’t find any information about Infusionsoft and PSD2 the new payment Services Directive 2 that is coming into force this year. We are using Payflow pro as our merchant account and paypal have suggested the following:

"In your case we would recommend getting in contact with Infusionsoft regarding PSD2 (payment services directive 2) and asking if they are making you compliant or if they are producing a merchant plug in integration to raise the security of your checkout process to the new required levels. "

Can anyone give me some guidance on this?

(Martin Cash) #2

There is currently no official statement from Keap; however I’ve been in communication with someone on our Info Sec team who is working with our Legal team on this. I’ll post any updates as I receive them.

(AJ) #3

Thank you I’ll keep an eye on things. I would appreciate the updates as I asked the same question via support and never got an answer.