Passing Contacts Fields into Web form Hosted on our Website

(Cheryl Hunt) #21

I’ve found that the formatting you posted works well, @Nicolo_Franchi if I’m passing details to a form on a web page that uses the HTML code for the form and has script looking for the parameters. I often use this string: ?inf_field_Email=~Contact.Email~&inf_field_FirstName=~Contact.FirstName~&inf_field_LastName=~Contact.LastName~&inf_field_Phone1=~Contact.Phone1~

If I’m passing details to the hosted or Javascript version of an Infusionsoft form (like it appears you are) this structure seems to work perfectly: ?FirstName=~Contact.FirstName~&LastName=~Contact.LastName~&Email=~Contact.Email~

(Mark Price.) #22

ohh, it would seem I thought it was an HTML based form because Jordan lists that formatting up above for JavaScript / Hosted forms.

Sorry about the confusion and I’m happy to hear you have it sorted!

(Andrea Tonacchera) #23

I’m facing the same issue now. I have to build an html page WITHOUT using Wordpress, and I have to make the page graphically appealing. So as far as I understood there are no degrees of freedom if I use javascript.
I tried both ?inf_field_Email=~Contact.Email~ as well as ?Email=~Contact.Email~ on the html page with html webform code. Neither worked.
Anyone who has already found a solution?
Thank you