Outlook sync version crashes

(Matt Katzer) #1

Does any one know when ITS will release a version that does not crash with outlook?

(Matt Katzer) #2

Okā€¦ so this si what I just did.

  1. un install the plug in
  2. rebooted the PC
  3. verified that the plug in and registry entries were remove
  4. rebooted the pc
  5. downplay the plug in
  6. set up a admin woodwinds
  7. installed the plug in form admin
  8. Plug in did not start - outlook disabled it because it crashed
  9. reboot the plug in


(Kevin Spanner) #3

any feedback from infusionsoft - an ongoing frustrationā€¦ other crms work fine.

(Matt Katzer) #4

I have no idea when IFS will fix this. they are very quite on the subject.