Other ways start a campaign when contact is not tagged


(Owen Smith) #1

Hi all.

We have an API integration with a company that sends us leads. We cannot amend this integration currently.

When this company receives a lead, they send it to IFS. Each contact is sent to IFS with the following fields populated:

First name
Address details
Note (with title and description)

They are not tagged.

Is there anyway to automatically enter the contact into a campaign just using any of the above fields?


(Martin Cash) #2

Is it running an action to apply a note template? If so you could append the note template to apply a tag

(Michael Earl) #3

You can also use the Admin - Settings > Application - “Incoming Action Set: (Add)” to run actions on any coming through API, not just that Company’s endpoint.

You could have it run based on criteria, but none of the populated info would be usable in this case, I think.

(Owen Smith) #4

Thanks Martin - no it’s not running an action like this. The contact is created via the API and nothing else.

(Owen Smith) #5

You can also use the Admin - Settings > Application - “Incoming Action Set: (Add)” to run actions on any coming through API, not just that Company’s endpoint.

Thanks for the idea - I thought this was going to be the fix! But unfortunately and for some unknown reason, contacts created by this 3rd party via the API aren’t picked up by the action set.

I’m even running the action set with no criteria, so theoretically all contacts created via API should be triggering the action set.

Interestingly, where contacts are being created via other API integrations I am using (Zapier for example), your solution works just fine.

I also have another 3rd party partner that sends us leads via their API integration - but this also doesn’t trigger the action set either.

I’ve had to refer it to support but they don’t know what’s wrong at the moment.

(Michael Earl) #6

Interesting. Do you know if it was connected with OAuth, seen here? That action set might only work on the legacy API.

(Owen Smith) #7

The key I’ve been issuing 3rd parties is the one from “Admin > Settings > Application > API > Encrypted Key”.

Do you think it’s worth trying the method from your screencast instead?

(Michael Earl) #8

The Admin - Settings > Application > API Key should be the one that triggers Actions on incoming API Contacts. I might have to run a few tests to see if maybe some contact creation methods work and some don’t.

(Owen Smith) #9

For anyone interested, I couldn’t fix this in IFS so am using Zapier to add a tag each time a new contact is created.

Luckily the the 3rd party preceeds each contact name they send over with “site visitor from…” so i was able to use this as a condition in Zapier to make sure only relevant contacts were tagged (i.e. if contact name begins with “site visitor from”, add tag X).

Hope this helps someone!