Order form customization

I would like to create a customized order form with all of the info on my current order form. I do not know how to create the html. My current order form is on Samcart and I would like to make the switch. This is the link below.


Sounds like Spiffy is what you’re looking for. They have a SLICK solution for building custom and fancy order forms like that one: https://pb227.isrefer.com/go/home/a66/

(This is my affiliate link, but I’m recommending it because I think it’ll do exactly what you need - not for the $5 it might make me :slight_smile: )

Hi Greg,

Thanks for responding. The issue is that I really don’t want to have to pay more to achieve this. I don’t code, but I’m a fast learner and pretty savvy. I would rather have someone tell me how to do it. Or even point me in the direction of a helpful youtube video. :smiley:

Hey Candice you can bring this into Infusionsoft, I’ll have a deeper look tomorrow and come back to you.