OAuth2 Authentication - Office 365 Azure

Since IFS is supporting OATH2, have they IFS folks publish the OATH2 configuration tech note for azure office 365? On the 365 side, all that is needed is a security skus in 365 - EMS or MS 365 suite.

IFS folks - have you published an additional support note on the integration to Azure or is the developer link all you have
https://developer.infusionsoft.com/authentication/ ?

This would fix the big security hole on IFS, and we could force MFA on our access and block the legacy password model (include down rev version of office 2013 and earlier) that IFS allows to be used and are being hacked by the ransomware folks.

IFS folks - Please advise to when you will be fixing your security hole in your SAAS product?

There is no “integration” to 365/Azure. Using OAuth doesn’t automatically provide that.

IS has it’s own OAuth use and 365/Azure has their use of OAuth. But they’re still two separate logins and products and an integration between the two would have to be built.