Me again.....Same question about sending SMS Text messages

(Cindy Glover) #1

I tried Twilio and haven’t had much luck (lack of knowledge on my part most likely).

I’m looking to send a text message based on Tags - Is this possible?

Thanks everyone!!!

(Jordan Novak) #2

You’ll need to bring in a third-party app to be able to send out text messages from your campaign.
Fix Your Funnel has a strong text message option, and Novak Solutions has a simple Twilio integration that makes sending messages via Twilio pretty easy to do.
With any third-party SMS integration, you’ll wind up using an HTTP Post action in your campaigns to trigger the text message going out.

(Cindy Glover) #3

You mean an Action Set as in apply a Note to the selected Tags or something along those lines?

(John Borelli) #4

No, he means the http post widget within campaign builder.

(Liz Fanlo) #5

I am having good luck with Salesmsg. A third party that allows texting and integrates with IS. I chose it because you can also create a task from a text conversation. Note that you have to get a new phone # for this. Check it out.

(Cindy Glover) #6

You are officially my HERO!!!

Well, let me test it first…LOL

Thank you for taking the time to respond Liz!!


(mohammed mir) #7

i came across eztexting and for digital tools: rightmessage and convert kit for email.