Mass updating tags


I was wondering if there is a way to mass update a list of tags. I tried now to

  1. Export a list of 137 tags
  2. Edit the tags in excel (changing tag names etc)
  3. Import the list of tags, matching the tag ID to the existing ID in the system.

This however ended up in me having 268 tags instead.

Did I do something wrong along the way or is it just not possible to mass update tags using a csv?

The reason for doing this is that we changed the way we name our tags to keep a better structure inside our application.

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Axel Bohlin

You do not ‘import’ the tags.
You need to do a ‘data cleanup’ action inside Admin.

Go under Admin, do Data Cleanup, then choose Tags from the dropdown. This will allow you to ‘edit’ the tags that are already existing, instead of creating new tags.

When you do the upload, just be sure that you match the TagID to the TagID field that you have on your spreadsheet to be sure that it updates the same tags.


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Thanks for the quick answer Jeff! I’ll try that right away!


It worked fine! Thanks once more for the help!