Is there a way to link contacts using the REST API?

(Justin Handley) #1

I am trying to link contacts using the REST API. I can’t find a function that does it easily? The update contact function has a place for links, but returns this:

‘Relationships can’t be added or removed through this object’

Any ideas?


(Tom Scott) #2

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a mechanism for adding links via the REST API. I can pass along your suggestion to our product manager for possible future development, however.

(John Borelli) #3

Only way at this point is the data object using tables with the standard api

(Justin Handley) #4

Hi @John_Borelli - when you say standard, do you mean XML-RPC? There is a documented link function in that API. Does that work, or are you saying I have to directly manipulate tables and the documentation is incorrect?

(John Borelli) #5

This post describes how it can be done with the xml-rpc…a bit of a custom approach but it has been done successfully.

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(Oleksandra Lukavetska) #6

Hi there!

My advice is you to pay attention to the Data2CRM service. This is, you can get the opportunity to have assistance due to the question. Cause, as I know, its team can help you to link contacts using the REST API, so let them do this task for you.
If you want to discover some more about this service, go directly to
Data2CRM page.

Pleasure to answer you, so I hope, my advice is useful.


(John Borelli) #7


Unfortunately, that is incorrect. Data2CRM does provide functionality, but if it’s a need to use the REST API then linking contacts does not yet exist for that.

(Oleksandra Lukavetska) #8

thank you for notice that! I thought if the problem is through the data migration, the service could be helpful. So, sorry for the false advice.