Is there a way to find where custom fields are being used?

(Steve Walkom) #1

Hi all. Newbie here…
My Keap account has been setup by an Infusionsoft partner, but he isn’t available to assist me at the moment…
We have a Custom Field for ‘Contact Owner’, as well as the standard ‘Contact Owner’ dropdown in the General Information section of a contacts page. I cant remember why we have the Custom Field and want to get rid of it to avoid confusion. Is there an easy way to find out if that Custom Field is being used by any campaigns before I go ahead and delete it?


(John Borelli) #2

Aside from looking at your campaigns, not directly. I haven’t played with Keap much yet, but from what I see, you can’t even create custom fields in the interface. I know the api can but I don’t see a way with the UI. Editing report criteria might be a way to filter those contacts that have an empty custom field though. So if your entire contact list only has empty custom field then it isn’t likely it’s getting used.

Still, if you have a consultant that is working with you, I would talk to them first even if it means waiting because you may not be aware of some plans they have for it to help you accomplish your goals.