Is there a better way to setup recurring email reminders (all same copy)?

Hi There,

We have a membership program which includes interactive calls. We typically have the entire schedule for the year and have setup a campaign to send out those reminders. We currently have them all setup in a sequence and each year we add a start and setup the emails for the year. As shown below:

Is there an easier way to set this up if all the emails are identical, basically saying that your call is today?

it would be far easier to set up a looping campaign that triggers monthly.
Your timer at the start of the sequence would be “wait until the Last Monday of every month” and then send the reminder earlier in the day.

So the sequence would be:

Timer - email - wait 30 minutes - trigger the restart.

The campaign would be:

Start - Sequence (with the timer) - Restart - Restart Sequence (which would simply apply the ’start’ tag again)

With this configuration, you could set it up once and it would run forever with no further interaction.

Hopefully that helps.


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Thanks much Jeff!! That is perfect! occassionally we may need to change the date (maybe once a year) depending on the trainers schedule. How would you handle that situation?

You would just do that manually inside the campaign for that one-off item.

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Gotcha! Uhh can I ask one more thing? We also have a campaign that sends out Journal reminders every Monday throughout the year… I know how to set that up using the method you described the only issue is… there is one sentence that changes in the copy of the email… Sample email would look like:

Hi ,

Happy Monday! Here is the new Journal Prompt for this week.

Week 51: How has your parents’ relationship affected your view of God? Of love?

I’d love it if you would share your thoughts on our Facebook Page, or you can just write them in your own personal journal (or both)!


So each week the week # line changes… we have a spreadsheet with all of them for the year and each year it just repeats…

Right now we send them manually but would like to create a campaign to do it automatically. Is there a simply way to set up as you mentioned previously but just have a field that is updated each time with the actual prompt/journal entry?

You could do one of two things:

  1. You could create a custom field for “email customization”. Then set up a 52 series campaign that has a weekly timer. Every week you can use the Set Field Value option to set the new ‘email customization’ message to whatever that week’s message is.
  2. [Easier, but uses 3rd party] - Integrate with Zapier or Integromat. Create a Google Sheet with 52 lines - one with each of your weekly updates. Have the integration go and grab the next item and feed into that ‘email customization’ field


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Jeff you are a life saver!! We do have Zapier so will try that option first. Thanks so very much!