Integrating Gravity Froms

Is there a best integration for Infusionsoft/Gravity Forms? Zapier has it’s limits. Gravity forms is super powerful for a lot of things, but I’ve struggled to find an integration that would get all that data into Infusionsoft. Thoughts?

I am in the midst of attempting to sort the same question. Used Katz Web Services plugin for some time and it worked great but it is no longer functional. Tried Zapier but it doesn’t appear to support tags on gravityform questions. There are a couple new integrations out but they are very new and have few reviews. Would like to hear opinions and experiences from others about their GF integrations.

I’ve been using the CRMPerks plugin for Gravity Forms and Infusionsoft and have been very happy with it. Much more stable than Katz and has a ‘resend’ feature to resend anything that time about due to APi issues (which we haven’t had any yet).


I’ve setup a ton of GF integrations. Most of the time the feed just needs to be re-created. On occasion, a middle ware works for special cases.