Infusionsoft Tracking Cookie - SameSite=None (Starting Feb 17, 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Are Infusionsoft’s developers aware of and addressing the new SameSite cookie permission setting that’s coming soon in Chrome?

Coming Issue (Feb 27, 2020)
Without this change Infusionsoft’s cookies are going to be blocked from our website by default. At least that is how I am reading the advisory Chrome developers are giving.

About the Issue

Browser Warning
When visiting a page which tries to set the Infusionsoft tracking cookie, in Google’s Chrome browser (developer tools > Console), I am seeing a warning that Infusionsoft tracking cookies are potentially going to be blocked (starting Feb 27, 2020) when Chrome build 80 (stable) is released.

Previously Chrome allowed a cookie permission of SameSite=Lax
This is the current setting used by Infusionsoft’s tracking code.

Now Chrome is going to require a cookie permission of SameSite-by-default and SameSite=None-requires-Secure

SameSite=None gives unrestricted use of the cookie so it can be set on a third party site, your own website hosting the Infusionsoft code.

Can I ask if Infusionsoft’s developers who maintain the tracking code are aware of the needed change to the script?



Here is what GTMetrix is showing for how Infusionsoft’s cookie is currently set.

Hello Alastair_Greenstreet,
I have exactly the same problem with Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.132)
Embedded forms with javascript aren’t visualized… did you find the solution?
or Keap Team sent you an answer?

Hi Ivan,

Confirming that I had no response on the community forum and haven’t yet taken the issue up directly with Infusionsoft support. Had too much else going on but its definitely an issue.