Infusionsoft Recurring Revenue Tracking

(Alexander Anich) #1

Hello! I’m in the process of instrumenting our application to track e-commerce analytics (orders, revenue, refunds, etc.) and I’m currently stuck trying to understand a way to see what recurring charges/revenue I’ve received for the day from Infusionsoft so that I can submit those to my analytics platform.

Is there a webhook or specific way for tracking recurring charges through the API?

Mahalo in advance.

(John Borelli) #2

REST hooks are still being developed out and actual sales transactions are not yet implemented. You can, however, use REST calls (say on a timed interval) to retrieve all sales between a given date/time:!/E-Commerce/transactionsForOrderUsingGET

(Garrett Mann) #3

Analytics Connect is in the Infusionsoft Marketplace and will do this for you automatically…

No need to write any custom code :slight_smile:

(Tom Scott) #4

The new “invoice.payment.add” resthook should indicate when a payment or refund is made to an order.