Infusionsoft for outlook randomly deleting my calendar items


(Anthony Greenhalgh) #1

Is anybody else having a problem with the outlook plugin randomly deleting your calendar items? seriously deleting them, and moving them to the deleted items folder. They disappear from my calendar, they are not canceled, my customers don’t receive a cancellation request. I simply miss the appointment, and after some research learned that they are being moved to the deleted items folder. once I disabled the sync to calendar option in the plugin, it stopped. I noticed in the reviews for the app that I’m not the only one this has happened to, but when I contacted support, they stated this was isolated and they hadn’t seen it before. I want to start using the calendar plug-in again, but want to make sure that it’s corrected before I turn it back on.

(James Mefford) #2

Very strange, Anthony. I took a brief look through past cases as I have never heard this reported, and found that there were 2 random support cases over a year ago where the user reported this on a small scale (1 to 2 appointments). It was recommended in these 2 instances to fully un-install the Outlook Sync plug-in and re-install it. I will speak with some members of my Advanced Support team tomorrow on this.

Can you do me a favor and private message me your application name? I would like to create a case.

(Anthony Greenhalgh) #3

@James_Mefford, i don’t see an option to private message you. it might be my user access.



(James Mefford) #4

Anthony, I have sent you an email from our ticketing system. I will be heading out of office right now, and have limited availability tomorrow, but will be checking in on things if you can read and reply to my email.

(James Mefford) #5

Working with our advanced support team, we were able to pinpoint some of the instances where this can occur.

1.) Running additional calendar syncing plug-ins in Outlook, along-side Infusionsoft Synce for Outlook can cause syncing issues when multiple syncing plug-ins attempt to sync the calendar, causing items to appear in the ‘deleted items’ folder

2.) Running Outlook Sync on multiple machines, logged in as the same user can cause scheduling issues and items to be moved to the deleted folder.

It is recommended in these instances to audit your current plug-ins, and make sure that there is only 1 instance of outlook sync installed, per user. Any time issues are experienced with Infusionsoft Outlook Sync, it is recommended to fully un-install the plugin via Windows Add/Remove programs, and re-install the plugin.

After installation is complete, you will want to go into the sidebar settings, and under the Support tab, enable the debug logging. This helps our support team troubleshoot any potential issues with the plug-in.

(Anthony Greenhalgh) #6

Can you tell me if Gmail has to be open in order to sync? Does it run
locally from this machine, or is it running in the cloud?

Anthony Greenhalgh

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(James Mefford) #7

It runs locally on the machine, meaning yes, it does need to be open to perform the sync process.

(Anthony Greenhalgh) #8

I have it up and running, and it seems to be running fine.

Anthony Greenhalgh

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