I want to know how many contacts had a specific tag at the end of a specific year

I would like to know how many people had a particular tag on 12-31-17, 12-31-18, 12-31-19 and 12-31-19. Is that possible? Dick Hardy

If the tags are never removed from the contact records you could use a feature from plusthis that would allow you to calculate when the tags were actually applied. In that case you could see how many people had the tags applied in 17, 18, 19 and that would let you know how many had that tag. However, if the tag has been removed from the contact records there is not gonna be a way to know who had that tag on a given date.

Thank you, Jeff. To be clear; we have a tag called Leaders.Church Member. When a person cancels their membership, that tag is removed and a new tag is assigned: Leaders.Church Member Cancelled. Can anything be done with this additional information?