I have created a new template, but it is not saving to templates for my use?

(David Stark) #1

I created a new template. but it is not saved to the templates tab when I try to use it for an eblast?

(Rachel Grubbs) #2

Hi David,

Are sure you are saving it twice - once in editor and once again in manage email templates?

Also did you scroll to the very bottom of your template? There is a “test this email” function to use. After that you can toggle “ready to send” from no to yes.

(John Borelli) #3

Where are you saving from? The new email builder templates are not availabe in broadcast email sends

(David Stark) #4

I built it in one of those templates-do I need to start over? Or is their some way I can use what I have?


(John Borelli) #5

Hi David, yeah, if you want templates that are available to email broadcasts then you will have to build and save them under the broadcasts or templates areas. The new builder will not expose it’s templates to any other process in IS.