How to integrate web forms

(Jake Rhodes) #1

Is there a simple way to copy the httml code to a website? When I try using the code, I get the un-edited version of what I custom created on the Infusionsoft campaign.

(Andy Wroe) #2

Hi Jake, have you published the form before taking the code, and which of the code blocks did you choose?

(Jake Rhodes) #3

Hey Andy,

I was using the code that wasn’t the classic or the snippit if that makes sense. It’s an .html code I believe.

Thanks for the help,

(Andy Wroe) #4

Are you sending your data in directly and not using the webform at all, ie not an IS webform but something else and then sending the data in?

(Jake Rhodes) #5

I was trying to do this directly.

(Tom Scott) #6

Given the security concerns around exposing your API authorization to clients you would need to do this by building a backend service that would take the posted submission, then relay it to Infusionsoft. Alternately, you can use an embedded Infusionsoft webform or landing page to accomplish this goal, as those use a unique endpoint and spam detection to prevent malicious use.

(Jake Rhodes) #7

This sounds extremely complicated. Could I have someone assists me?

(Tom Scott) #8

You might consider finding a Developer Partner to facilitate your integration. We have listings in the Marketplace that may help.

(Jake Rhodes) #9

Can you direct me to where I would cancel my subscription. This has not been helpful.

(Sterling Grogg) #10

Here is the contact page for infusionsoft which you can call to request to cancel.
Additinoally you can submit a cancel request from within your Infusionsoft account. Here are the instructions if you are using Classic Infusionsoft and here are instructions for Current Infusionsoft .