How to install sdk php infusionsoft on website

(Phong Web) #1

hi all! i need connect to api infusionsoft but i don’t know how to install sdk php infusion on the website. thanks for help.

(John Borelli) #2

The sdk is no longer publicly available. You can get the standard api files from github which have directions on using composer to install with.

(Phong Web) #3

Thanks you! But i don’t know how use it. can’t you teach me. I’m not developer, but i know HTML, CSS, JS. Thank you.

(John Borelli) #4

I’m afraid this isn’t something that can be taught in a forum post. It’s good that you know a little about programming but PHP is a much different animal than the ones you mention. Installation of the api itself requires knowing some server management. The api itself uses many principles that require months in college to fully grasp (think object oriented program etc). I would recommend that you hire a php developer that at minimum has experience in programming using other api’s.

(Phong Web) #5

Thanks you. I connected api infusionsoft. And i try code function search and update, where to learn variable on the infusionsoft.

(John Borelli) #6

API reference docs are located at: