How To Eliminate "Timing Out"

(Don Prehn) #1

How do you turn off the “time out” on the CRM (so that you don’t get reminders for calls, appts and other tasks)?

(Martin Cash) #2

Hey, Don. Unfortunately, these session timeouts are required under PCI DSS.


(Don Prehn) #3

Hi Martin, Thank you very much for your response.

So, I use a disk based CRM and I want to switch to Infusionsoft’s online CRM.

However, if it’s timing out every 15 minutes, how does anyone remember their calls? In other words, when the system “times out” the reminder alarms don’t work.

So, one solution would be to maybe have the alarms come through Google Calendar. I would be fine with that as Google Calendar never times out.

Anyway, I’m really appreciative of any help or guidance with this.



(John Borelli) #4

I believe @Pav’s XTendIn browser plugin has a feature to prevent logouts by refreshing the tab?

(Cheryl Hunt) #5

@John_Borelli is correct. I forgot about that, John :slight_smile:

(Don Prehn) #6

Thanks John.

(Don Prehn) #7

Thanks so much. Works great!