How to automate applying an opt-out of texts tag following a STOP reply in Twilio

I have setup texts to be sent out using HTTP posts directly connected to our Twilio account. If someone replies STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE in Twilio, how can I get Twilio to communicate with Infusionsoft and apply an opt-out tag to that contact record? I looked into Zapier, but it didn’t seem like I could get the Zap to look for keywords in the text reply.

You can set up a Zap — the Zap would have a filter at the beginning “if response - “stop”, etc.) it will trigger the zap.

Twilio also has an automation builder in it where you can trigger a web hook to be send to Zapier if they reply back with opt-out words.


Thank you! Within Zapier, I’m setting up the Twilio Trigger event and am not seeing where I can add a filter. I’ve selected the “New SMS” trigger event, but am not seeing a filter for that New SMS. Can you help?

it is a filter step after the SMS

So the SMS will hit the Zap, then you insert a Zapier filter step after that. That is where you will choose the ‘body’ of the email and say ‘if body “contains” STOP’ or ‘if body “contains” ‘unsubscribe”


Ah, thanks so much! Very helpful! Getting it setup now. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. The filter is setup. But when I try to get Zapier to tag that existing contact in Infusionsoft, it’s asking me for their email. How do I set it up so that particular contact who unsubscribed is getting the tag?

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