How to add fields to an order form

(Melissa Saliba) #1

I need to add fields to fill out the personal information for a second participant on an order form, and was told by tech to come here to ask. Does anyone know how to do this?

(Timothy Reidhead) #2

Hey Melissa,

We don’t have anything built in to do that inside the order form. You could use some custom code to capture that information. I would recommend getting with a developer partner to build that in. Making sure you have explicit permission to email the second participant is very important when implementing this.

Novak Solutions has some good details you could check to get started.

Let us know if you have any questions Melissa! Thanks for your time.

(John Borelli) #3

Yeah this is developer territory. It might be best to setup an external page in something like WP and allow the api code to do the work.

(Carl Bischoff) #4

one quick thing you could do is capture those details on the next ‘thank you’ page