How to add custom field values to contact

(John Borelli) #41

The only tables you will find that field accessible in will be JobRecurringInstance (orders) and RecurringOrder (which is the order definition for creating recurring invoices). AutoCharge cannot be changed on any other tables and does not exist on the standard Job and Invoice tables.

Again, is this actually resulting in recurring charges or are you just “not liking” that it’s set to yes?

(Vinod Rath) #42

Yes i need to change this to No, Not like that very much.

(John Borelli) #43

If you’re not creating subscriptions then I’m not sure a record (row) will exist for the order on those tables. You may just be seeing a “default” setting that shows when it’s not set.

(Vinod Rath) #44

@John_Borelli I do not found any record in RecurringOrder table and i am not create any subscription. I will check the default setting and let you know.

(Vinod Rath) #45

@John_Borelli Can you help me on this ?

(Vinod Rath) #46

@John_Borelli Can i set AutoCharge to no according to contact Id. please let me know

(John Borelli) #47


I’m afraid you’re trying to approach this from a “I want this so there is a way” thinking. The AutoCharge value just simply does not exist if you are not creating subscriptions. If you were creating subscriptions then the recurring tables already mentioned would be your only options; but that does not apply here. The ‘yes’ you are seeing is an interface element set to yes when the value doesn’t exist. You’re not going to be able to change it. Besides, you’re spending way to much time on something that has no effect (at least if your time is valuable to you)

(Vinod Rath) #48

@John_Borelli ok so that will not charged to customers right ? i do not have any subscription process for my imported users.

(John Borelli) #49

If you’re not creating subscriptions then there is nothing to auto charge. But since it’s a concern for you, setup a test case and see it in action for yourself.

(Vinod Rath) #50

Will do thanks. :slight_smile:

(Vinod Rath) #51

Hi john,

Why my import to IS is slow? Can you suggest how can i improve speeds.
See my script working below
check promotionalDiscount zero then proceed

  1. check custom fields for contact if exists then update user otherwise insert.
  2. update /add user with custom fields
  3. check custom fields for product if exists then update product otherwise insert.
  4. add/update products
  5. check invoice id from job for updating records within single order other wise create new order with record and retrieve job id again for inserting custom fields for job.
  6. All done insertion completed

Please help me how i can improve import speed…

(John Borelli) #52


I don’t see code you mention and I don’t know enough information to answer. However, you would do well to keep logs so you can track the responses coming back from api calls.

(Vinod Rath) #53

If its possible from above import process to take only 1 sec for import for one record?

(John Borelli) #54

Add up the number of api calls being made. While they are relatively quick, yes, the authentication for each call, the lookup or writing data and then returning back to the caller x number of times? Sure that can take a bit. Think about all the check if this exists and update and creates you mention…every one of them is an api call for one contact…You will also be wise to check to see if you aren’t getting throttled for using calls too quickly.

(Vinod Rath) #55

I did not get your point, can you suggest more on this

(John Borelli) #56

Total api calls = 9 api calls per transaction

(Vinod Rath) #57

How to insert special charecter into infusionsoft?

(John Borelli) #58

@Vinod_Rath, you might have to be more specific but if I’m understanding then you can append most characters to a string with .chr(n)

(Vinod Rath) #59

Lets say i have text like Yeuri Pérez but that not inserted to IS

(Vinod Rath) #60

I have also added ini_set(‘default_charset’, ‘iso-8895-15’); in top of my file but its not inserted